Our Partnership Abroad

Advanced Materials Research Group ITS Surabaya has been maintained scientific collaboration among these organizations or institutes.


SLRI - Thailand

Synchrotron Light Research Institute (Public Organization) (SLRI) – Thailand
Synchrotron x-ray scattering, diffraction and spectroscopy.

BAM - Germany

Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing – Germany
Materials and corrosion characterizations.

RIKEN Nishina Center

Network of ITS (ITB, UNPAD, UGM, UI) – RIKEN Nishina Center (Chiba University, Saitama University, Osaka University , Tohoku University, Hokkaido University)
Functional Materials Science, experiments of muon spin relaxation, rotation, and resonance (µSR).

Chiba University

Center of Environment Remote Sensing (CERES), and Department of Physics – Chiba University, Japan
Microwave absorbing, magnetic and superconducting materials.

Kumamoto University

Graduate Study on Science and Technology (GSST) – Kumamoto University, Japan
Electron microscopy studies on films and composite materials.

The University of Tokyo

Superconductivity Engineering Materials Research Laboratory (SEMRL) – The University of Tokyo, Japan
Bi – based superconducting materials, magneto-electronic studies.

Tohoku University

Laboratory of Low Temperature Physics, Department of Applied Physics – Tohoku University, Japan
Magnetic and superconducting materials.

Hokkaido University

Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Hokkaido University
Magnetic and superconducting materials.

National University of Singapore

Department of Physics, NUS
Thin Films and 2D materials, magneto-electronic studies.

University of Twente

Superconducting Interfaces and Devices Group Josephson Junction - based devices.

University of Amsterdam

Van der Waals Zeeman Instituut – Universiteit van Amsterdam
The Netherlands Intermetallic and metal oxide crystals growing.
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