Practicum Training Support at the Trensains Tebuireng High School, Jombang

Abmas of Physics-ITS

Support in the form of practicum training at the Trensains Tebuireng High School (SMA), Jombang, from the Community Service Team (Abmas) of the Department of Physics, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS)

Abmas Team Leader, Dr Retno Asih SSi MSi PhD said that Department of Physics ITS held a practical training for determining the viscosity of liquids using the concept of damped vibrations. The topic was chosen on the background that it is rarely discussed during practicum due to the limitations of practicum tools available at school. The Abmas team presented material regarding the introduction of tools and practical preparation.  In detail, a set of practical tools can be used to discuss three materials at once, namely harmonic oscillations in springs and the determination of spring constants, damped oscillations, and viscosity of liquids. With the concept of damped vibration theory and the viscosity of liquids, students can calculate the value of the viscosity of the liquid. In its implementation, the Abmas Team involved six lecturers from the Department of Physics ITS, namely Dr. Retno Asih SSi MSi PhD, Sudarsono SSi MSi, Prof Dr Suasmoro, Prof Drs Suminar Pratapa MSc PhD, Drs Drs Zaenal Arifin MSi, and Drs M Zainul Asrori MSi.  In addition, this activity also involved six students who were involved in Real Work Lectures (KKN).

dambed oscillation diagram

Design of damped vibration, (a) damped vibration scheme in liquids, (b) damped vibration apparatus for measuring the viscosity of liquids


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