Synchrotron Radiation Applications to ASEAN

Department of Physics, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember and Synchrotron Light Research Institute (SLRI) Thailand organized a seminar entitled “Synchrotron Radiation Applications to ASEAN”. The seminar was held in Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember on 27th of September 2017. Three invited speakers gave presentations related synchrotron light source facilities at SLRI. They are Dr. Siriwat Soontaranon, Dr. Wanwisa Limphirat and Dr. Chanan Euaruksakul.

Dr. Siriwat Soontaranon gave an introduction on synchrotron light source at SLRI and Small Angle X-ray Scattering (SAXS). SAXS is used to investigate nano structure of material such as analysis particle size and size distribution, percent crystallinity, starch lamellar nano structure and so on. Dr. Wanwisa Limphirat explained others facilities including X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS), Micro X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy/Imaging (XRF) and Infrared Spectroscopy and Imaging (IR). In the last session, Dr. Chanan Euaruksakul described on what Photoemission Electron Spectroscopy (PES) and Microscopy (PEEM) are and their functions to study materials.

SLRI offers foreigner users to apply a proposal to use those facilities. For more detail on the proposal applications and schedule can be found in the following webpage

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