The Use of Coconut Shell Charcoal as a Water Filtration and Learning Medium

Real Work Lecture and Community Service (KKN Abmas) through the use of coconut shell charcoal as a water filtration medium as well as a learning medium

The KKN ABMAS conducted by Department of Physics ITS at A Wahid Hasyim Tebuireng High School, Jombang aims to apply physics lessons in everyday life, and hence, students can understand them easily. In addition, it is expected that teachers have applicable learning strategies, so that students are interested in physics subjects. Utilization of water filter media in the form of coconut shell waste is due to the abundance of coconut shells in the Jombang area. Moreover, there are still some areas in the district that are vulnerable to clean water. In this ABMAS activity, the filter media and water quality tester along with their installation were also handed over. In addition, Dr Mochamad Zainuri gave an explanation of how to manufacture and work the tool and how to care for filter media. The desired output through this activity is that the understanding of physics teachers and students regarding the use of physics in everyday life can increase, namely in terms of water filters by utilizing coconut shell waste. Linda Silvia, SSi, MSi, the team leader of the KKN ABMAS, hopes that there will be an optimal improvement in the quality of clean water at SMA A Wahid Hasyim Tebuireng, Jombang. Through this abmas, KKN students are able to directly participate in the community to practice the knowledge gained in college. Moreover, in the future, there will be further communication with the school and physics teachers to cooperate with each other.

Abmas Physics ITS

Scheme of water filtration media through the use of coconut shell charcoal initiated by the ITS KKN Abmas team


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